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Without Warning Podcast

Aug 23, 2018

Chris Stout was one of the people who was with Lauren the night she died. He was invited to Wakefest by Aaron Lilly who he became fast friends with through their shared love of living on the edge. Chris Stout is a rebellious young man who claims every time he has an encounter with law enforcement he goes to jail. Hear all the different ways he remembers - or doesn’t remember - that fateful night. 


Tim Evans: 00:00 The Lauren agee case was hastily close by authorities, but many questions remain come behind the curtain with private investigator. Sheila Wysocki as she uncovers the truth about what happened to Lauren? This is without warning. Warning. The following episode contains details about sexual violence and elements that are graphic in nature.

Chris Stout: 00:26 Make sure all this stuff is figured out. Almost seems like I am a suspect right now, you know, but I know you guys are just doing your job.

Lawyer: 00:35 When did you have incarcerated? Approximately

Chris Stout: 00:38 July. Second 2016.

Lawyer: 00:40 Okay. So just over a year and a half year. Year and a half ago. Is that right?

Chris Stout: 00:45 Yes sir 18 months,

Lawyer: 00:47 now I understand you're here on a criminal charge. Have you had previous criminal convictions prior to the one that landed you in jail?

Chris Stout: 00:57 Speeding tickets. Lawyer: 00:59 What about DUIs?

Chris Stout: 01:01 Yes, but this is for my first DUI.

Lawyer: 01:03 So this is your sentence,is for your for your first DUi?

Chris Stout: 01:06 Yes.

Lawyer: 01:06 Have you had convictions for subsequent DUIs?

Chris Stout: 01:09 Yes.

Lawyer: 01:10 Does that mean multiple?

Chris Stout: 01:11 Yeah. Yes.

Lawyer: 01:12 And how many DUI convictions, do you have?

Chris Stout: 01:13 I have three.

Lawyer: 01:14 You remember the years of those convictions?

Chris Stout: 01:17 Um, 2012, um, and I don't remember the year. The second one, and my third one was in 2016.

Lawyer: 01:33 Okay. This is all in the state of Tennessee?

Chris Stout: 01:35 Yes.

Lawyer: 01:36 Would those convictions for driving under the influence of alcohol or other substances

Chris Stout: 00:00 alcohol

Lawyer: 01:43 were you guys were ever convicted for driving under the influence of a drug?

Chris Stout: 01:47 No, I don't do drugs.

Lawyer: 01:52 Besides those Dui convictions, have you ever been arrested for anything else?

Chris Stout: 01:58 Um, I got arrested for a kps when I was 18 because I missed a court date for a speeding ticket and driving on suspended.

Lawyer: 02:10 Okay. So those are your only other arrests

Chris Stout: 02:13 that I can recall? Yes.

Lawyer: 02:14 You ever been arrested for domestic violence?

Chris Stout: 02:16 No

Lawyer: 02:16 You ever arrested for any assault offenses?

Chris Stout: 02:19 The one now is vehicular assault, they count it as assault.

Lawyer: 02:22 Anything else?

Chris Stout: 02:23 No.

Lawyer: 02:24 Okay.

Sheila Wysocki: 02:26 This is Chris Stout as you know, he was one of the three people that we know of who was with Lauren the evening she died. What you are listening to you is Chris's deposition. He gave about Lauren's case in January 2018. Now let's listen as he reads his written statement. He gave the police the day they found Lauren's body,

Lawyer: 02:51 that one. Do you recognize that as the written statement you gave to the sheriff's department the morning that Lauren's body was found?

Chris Stout: 00:00 Yes.

Lawyer: 03:01 Is that your signature there at the bottom?

Chris Stout: 03:02 Yes.

Lawyer: 03:03 Is that your statement there?

Chris Stout: 03:04 Yes.

Lawyer: 03:05 Could you please read that statement to us

Chris Stout: 03:10 last night? It's a girl.

Lawyer: 03:11 You're good.

Chris Stout: 03:12 Last night this girl came to our campsite for a few minutes saying she was going back to her ex boyfriend. Hung out very shortly. Then I fell asleep and woke up and she was gone talk to her ex the morning and she's. And he said she came back after we left and was trying to get with him the night after we seen her at the camp at camp. He said she was trying to make out with him in front of his new girlfriend. Then he walked away.

Sheila Wysocki: 03:51 Now you'll hear an interview with Chris Stout and Jeremy Taylor, days after Lauren's death.

Chris Stout: 03:59 Um, I got there Friday night and then they already had most of the camp set up and uh, and went, stayed up there Friday night. Trying to think if Hannah and Lauren were there. They were there. They showed up later that night. We were all went and got Her from the dock, came back and we're all hanging out.

Sheila Wysocki : 04:28 Okay. Did you hear what he just said? He doesn't remember when Hannah and Lauren showed up to wakeFest. Now listen to what he told the off duty police officer Ryan on the boat when they found Lauren's body.

Ryan Melanson: 04:45 So I said, How did he get here and he forgot. He told me that earlier and he's like, well, she brought us here, the girl, that's our friend in the water. She's the one that took all of us here. I'm like, so if you would have left earlier like you said would she just left you here? hes like well yeah and that is shitty of her isnt it and hes like well yeah anyway

Chris Stout: 05:08 came home Saturday came back to the dock Saturday. And then went back to the camp for a little bit and then we went down to the bar again and we're all hanging out down there. And then we, everybody was drinking and I lost everybody. So I went to, where a canoe was that we had to. Those are basically our taxi cab back and forth and uh, couldn't find nobody. I waited for a little bit and uh, so I ended up seeing a houseboat that we parked across from. They actually let us get a slip their slip and that's where I parked my boat. I was talking to them and I went on their porch, their front porch or whatever and I fell asleep and then I woke up to Aaron and then waking me up and then we all went to, uh, when got in the canoe, went back up to the islands and uh, we're all just up there hanging out,

Sheila Wysocki: 06:14 The houseboat that Chris passed out on, belong to a local family whose daughter and her fiance were there that weekend. Listen to what they were called about Chris that night

Houseboat PPL: 06:25 We met him earlier and them back at the fish lips that Matt Guy Short on that. now I know that was Chris But I managed for the real short on, right. That's what he was completely out of it asleep. He was like, he couldn't even walk, talk or anything. So he brought him back on our boat and let us stay. Like what? Because we had chairs front of our house boats and he sat in one of those and he fell asleep. I mean he was out of it, like he never woke up, never spoke. So he never anything Saturday night. And I stayed there for about an hour and we were there for awhile and then they said they did two trips because they had the one canoe to back over to the camp ground is that the guy had to come back and carry the Chris guy. back to the canoe to go back over to the camp ground

Chris Stout: 07:41 And uh, wasn't for very long But I was pretty drunk and that I remember, so we went and went to sleep or to Aaron and Hannah where in one hammock and then I was in the other hammock and Lauren came and laid down with me, but I don't even remember her falling or I fell asleep before her, like she laid down and as soon as she laid down I was out. And when I woke up Saturday morning she was gone. But we had a couple of different hammock. So I thought maybe she went into the side of the tent or to another hammock. And so I fell back asleep and woke back up again. And Hannah was like, where's Lauren? I was like, I don't know, I thought she was in there with you guys. And she was talking about her ex the night before.

Chris Stout: 08:36 And she was worked up, she wanted to go back and see him, but he didn't want to see her, so we were like, that's not a good idea, you know, you shouldn't do that. So like we were like, okay, well let's make an agreement if you just stay here tonight, then we'll take you to your ex in the morning because we didn't want to have to canoe all the way back and I woke up, she was gone. And so we all freaked out, you know, it's really weird. And we were like, well maybe somebody came and got her. Maybe her ex came and got her.

Sheila Wysocki: 09:06 Lauren's ex boyfriend Clint keeps coming up and their stories, but the stories never seem to match up. Listen to what Chris says about him in his deposition.

Lawyer: 09:19 A couple of questions about that statement and that statement. You said that Lauren told you that he was going, that she was going to go see her ex boyfriend?

Chris Stout: 09:29 Yes.

Lawyer: 09:30 Now your testimony a few minutes ago when you said that you didn't have any conversation with her when she got to the top of the campsite.

Chris Stout: 09:36 I wasn't talking personally, I know her and Hannah were talking about her ex boyfriend. There are some something that happened while I was away from the group and I mean I didn't put myself in the middle of it.

Lawyer: 09:47 What, how did you hear about that conversation?

Chris Stout: 09:49 I mean, there were just talking abroad about it

Lawyer: 09:52 were they're talking, when they're at the camps that were talking to earlier in the day,

Chris Stout: 09:54 um, from the bar to the campsite.

Lawyer: 09:59 Okay. And what did you recall hearing

Chris Stout: 10:02 I mean that Something about her ex, uh, and his new girlfriend and I don't know, I guess something went down between the two of them.

Lawyer: 10:13 So then to go down in between, the two of them are there at Wakefest

Chris stout: 10:16 Not that I know of. about her and Her ex boyfriend, not between her and him.

Lawyer: 10:20 That's correct. Did anything come and go? Anything that you know of happened between Lauren and her ex boyfriend at Wakefest?

Chris stout: 10:26 No, not that I know of.

Lawyer: 10:27 The conversation that she had with Hannah, did she say that anything had gone down between her and her ex boyfriend?

chris stout: 10:32 No. I don't know.

Lawyer: 10:35 So when you put this written statement to police and it says that she said she was going to go see her ex boyfriend, is that what you understood? She was wanting to do that night.

Chris Stout: 10:44 She said she wanted to. I don't know if she ever did. So I thought that was her intention.

Sheila Wysocki: 10:51 Now let's go back to the interview with Jeremy Taylor and hear what he says about clint to him.

Chris Stout: 10:58 And uh, then we went down to the boat dock that Sunday morning and we pulled the boat up to marina where the gas pump is right there. And we waited and waited, waited. And then we ended up. I ended up seeing her ex and he said that he had seen her later that night and she came back into the bar and I was trying to make out with them and trying to get with them. He said after we went up to the cliff is when he had seen her. So that's where we're like, okay, you know, she's somewhere and we went out uh, then around 4:00. So when they seen all the boats come up

Jeremy Taylor: 11:40 saying she went back after yall went to the cliff?

Chris Stout: 11:42 I have no idea. I fell asleep and I honestly don't know, like I met her Friday night, so, um, I don't know man, like, my honest opinion is she got to go to the bathroom or something and slipped because I mean, you guys seen the campsite it was, I mean, you had to watch where you stepped in. It was a little path and that, I mean, I've been trying to think about it and I don't know, like I literally don't know. Now , that I think about it probably wasn't the safest spot to camp, but people do it all the time. Like when they were saying these had seen a couple of people up there and Aaron did it two years ago. It was pretty cool for a campsite.

Jeremy Taylor: 12:31 I like the view, I'm not going to sleep on the side of a cliff.

Chris Stout: 12:37 there was a bucket list things man,

Sheila Wysocki: 12:40 Jeremy Taylor stated it was a nice view from the top of the cliff. Don't forget, he is also the one Chris Yarchuck witnessed taking selfies on top of the cliff when they went to take photos ofThe campsite.

Jeremy Taylor: 12:53 Were you intoxicated

Chris Stout: 12:57 Yes sir. I fell asleep on somebody houseboat and uh, and then got woke up, went and then uh, I mean I knew I could function, but I mean I had been drinking. That's pretty much it. That's when you guys came up on the boats and they talked to you.

Jeremy Taylor: 13:21 You talk to anybody else about this? I guess

Chris Stout: 13:24 I'll just talk to Aaron, but you know, we're good buddies too. And we talk all the time. So, I mean we're just kind of in each other. Updated on what's going on i know her funeral's tomorrow.

Jeremy Taylor: 13:35 Are y'all going to that?

Chris Stout: 13:36 Uh, yes sir. I'm going to try my best to get off work and go.

Sheila Wysocki: 13:42 Did he go to the funeral?

Lawyer: 13:45 You didn't go to Lauren's funeral, correct?

Chris Stout : 13:47 No.

Lawyer: 13:47 Okay. Why not?

Chris Stout: 13:49 Because Aaron told us her mom would not allow us.

Lawyer: 13:52 Do you know if that's true?

Chris stout: 13:54 No, I didn't know her.

Lawyer: 13:56 How did you, when did you have that conversation with Aaron?

Chris Stout: 13:58 Um, after the, after the event but

Lawyer: 14:02 before he, he spoke to Jeremy Taylor?

chris stout: 14:06 I don't think so. Yes.

Lawyer: 14:09 So there are at least a few times you spoke to Aaron between the time that you all left the lake and Jeremy Taylor showed up to talk to you.

Chris Stout: 14:17 I'm sure. I mean we're, we're friends so we talk all the time. But

Lawyer: 14:22 did you ever talk to Aaron about what to tell police?

Chris Stout: 14:25 No.

Lawyer: 14:25 Did he ever tell you things not to tell the police?

Chris Stout: 14:27 no.

Lawyer: 14:29 Did Hannah ever tell you what to tell the police?

Chris Stout: 14:31 No.

Lawyer: 14:31 Did they ever tell you what not to tell police?

Chris Stout: 14:32 No.

Lawyer: 14:34 Did you know Whether Jeremy Taylor and Aaron Lilly were friends?

Chris Stout: 14:36 No.

Lawyer: 14:37 Did Aaron ever tell you that he knew Jerry Taylor before this investigation?

Chris Stout: 14:42 No.

Lawyer: 14:43 Do you know that to be true now?

Chris Stout: 14:44 No.

Lawyer: 14:45 Okay. Do you recall telling the police that you worked for a job that required you to dispose of human body parts?

Chris Stout: 14:52 Yes.

Lawyer: 14:53 Okay. What job was that?

Chris Stout: 14:54 It was mid safe Hendersonville.

Lawyer: 14:56 Okay. And when did you have that job?

Chris Stout: 14:59 Back in 2011. And 2012

Sheila Wysocki: 15:06 oh, did you hear that? He said he worked for a company that disposes of human body parts only. He said he worked there in 2011 and 2012. But what he told Ryan on the boat the day Lauren's body was found was that he was currently working there. officer?: 15:26 What did he say?

Ryan Melanson: 15:28 the one with the white hat, that's not in the picture the other one that main suspect in my book, he divides up human body parts for a living. the hospital doctor's offices, when they do amputations and stuff they send it to a place he works at , he works at a grinding machines breakdown process solution kind of thing. And then I guess they get sent off to the dump.

Unknown speaker: 15:52 How do you know that?

Ryan Melanson: 15:52 He told me! I'm like so what do you do for living and that's what he does. (inaudible) Unknown speaker: 16:00 Did he tell you what the name of the company was?

Ryan Melanson: 16:01 Nope. He told me It's in a warehouse

Ryan Melanson: 16:03 he wouldn't say where he wouldn't say the name of the company was nothing

Ryan Melanson: 16:07 I dont know if he legally can or what. he did say something about it? People in the community knew what that warehouse was that he worked at. They'd be moving away. Sheila Wysocki: 16:18 Now Listen to a completely different story. He tells Jeremy Taylor about where he works,

Jeremy Taylor: 16:26 Where do you work?

Chris Stout: 16:26 I work for Kincaide moving company.

Jeremy Taylor: 16:30 How long have you worked for them?

Chris Stout: 16:30 about six months, make sure all this stuff is figured out It seems like I'm a suspect right now. You know, but I know you guys are just doing your job.

Jeremy Taylor: 16:42 Yeah, I mean I'll say that everybody was with her or has any contact with her is a suspect or anything. It doesn't matter what it is, even if it's an accidental. And I know it was a camera that showed what happened. You would still be a suspect. We rule it out thats what i done with talking with you.

Chris Stout: 17:09 Justice needs to be served for. I mean, if I, if I have a daughter and something happened, I'd do everything I possibly could to have everything established and know exactly what happened.

Jeremy Taylor: 17:19 That's what we're trying to do and it just takes a little time. There's a lot of people. It ain't just y'all three?

Chris Stout: 17:33 media got they are looking not so hot

Jeremy Taylor: 17:33 The media is going to take it. They're going to turn it into a murder. Firstly, before questions that are asked to do a murder. They're going to try to find something not right to make a story on and we're gonna flip whatever anybody says and turn it around on there that says the sheriff department said that or sheriff dept said that there's not one person at the sheriff's department has talked to the media.

Chris Stout: 17:57 it's not looking good. Like literally the only people who would know anything about it after we went up to the cliff is me, Hannah and Aaron and Hannah and Aaron were asleep and as soon as I sat down in the Hammock I was pretty much asleep. So like I remember her laying down too and then I was out like. And then I just woke up. She was gone. So I mean there's not much of a story to tell. There is a story to tell, but like it's just the media has it looking horrible and it's just not looking good in our favor ya know,

Jeremy Taylor: 18:38 We aren't saying yall did anything wrong. I think that you know, I told Aaron and Hannah both when somebody dies. There's nothing you can do about it. As long as you're not the one contributing to the death. theres nothing you can do People die every day and you can't stop death. You can't overcome death. It doesn't matter what you do, if it's your time it's your time. It's over.

Sheila Wysocki: 18:59 What Jeremy Taylor just said sounds awfully familiar to you. It's because it is. He said almost the exact same thing about it being your time when he was interviewing Aaron. You heard that in a previous episode. Now you'll hear some more inconsistencies in Chris's conversation between him and Jeremy Taylor and Ryan Melanson.

Jeremy Taylor: 19:27 So your parents, live up here?

Chris Stout: 19:30 yes sir my parents live in clarksville.

Jeremy Taylor: 19:30 where were you originally from?

Chris Stout: 19:42 Clarksville. yea.

Jeremy Taylor: 19:42 you just never wanna move back home?

Chris Stout: 19:42 no, That ship has sailed. I dont think I could live with my mom again

Ryan Melanson: 19:49 hes stressed to the max and wants to go home. He keeps saying you know, I gotta get Outta here. I got a long time back to Nashville and you know, I just got to go worse. I can get out of here. And I'm like, well no. He may have some information pertaining to the body in the water over here and he's like, well, you know what, I just met a girl last night. I don't even know who she is you know. It's really sad she's in the water and everything. I gotta go, Oh, you know, my mom doesn't even know now I'm out. He's 23, which was weird, Mom isn't going to care i dont't think at 23 years old but I kept throwing her out, snuck out. She doesn't even know he's gone and everything.

Sheila Wysocki: 20:24 I find it very interesting. The differences in Chris's stories when he's talking with Jeremy Taylor versus when he is speaking to Ryan Melanson. Chris seems to be confused on what exactly took place on the Sunday of Wakefest and the days after. It's odd to me some of the details he so easily forgotten, such as the one you're about to hear in his deposition.

Lawyer: 20:54 Okay. So by the time you spoke to law enforcement on the dock, where did you go after that?

Chris Stout: 20:59 Um, we packed up camp and then when I got my truck, got the boat out, you got everything and then went back to, went to the police department.

Lawyer: 21:10 And why did you go at that and tell you to meet there?

Chris Stout: 21:13 Um, that was to give all of our state or a give all of our statements or something or maybe a follow up. I don't. I don't really recall.

Lawyer: 21:20 Um, when you got back in your car, um, did he have your cell phone with you?

Chris Stout: 21:26 I believe so, yes. I did.

Lawyer: 21:29 And you able to charge it in your car?

Chris Stout: 21:30 Yes.

Lawyer: 21:32 You recalll You made six phone calls to the same number. Do you remember who you called? Who would you have called at that time? Who was the person who would call it something important happens in your life?

Chris Stout: 21:43 I couldn't tell you unless it was Aaron. Lawyer: 21:46 Did you talk to Aaron and when you were driving home that night?

Chris Stout: 21:49 I don't. Not that I recall.

Lawyer: 21:51 Did you talk to Aaron with while you were driving on the way to the police station?

Chris Stout: 21:55 No.

Lawyer: 21:56 Do you have any conversation with Aaron or Hannah between the time you all were at the dock with the police and the time he went to the police station C

hris Stout: 22:02 while we're packing up camp. But the police officers with us the whole time.

Lawyer: 22:06 Okay. Um, after you left camp, did you talk to Aaron or Hannah before you got to the police station?

Chris Stout: 22:14 Not really. I mean, we loaded the boat. That was it.

Lawyer: 22:17 Okay. When you loaded the boat, did you guys talk about Lauren's death?

Chris Stout : 22:20 No.

Lawyer: 22:21 You didn't talk about the fact that the person you had just been with had died.

Chris Stout: 22:25 I mean, I'm sure it was mentioned, but we didn't go over everything. Like we didn't go through the whole day. We just loaded the boat and we all agreed that it was crazy and it's a crazy situation.

Lawyer: 22:38 Did Hannah seem upset.

Chris Stout: 22:41 Everybody's upset.

Lawyer: 22:43 How did she know she was upset?

Chris Stout: 22:44 She was crying

Lawyer: 22:45 was anybody else crying.

Chris Stout: 22:46 She just lost her best friend.

Lawyer: 22:48 Was anybody else crying?

Chris Stout: 22:49 Not that I can recall.

Lawyer: 22:53 Do you recall this number six? One five. Just put in front of you. It's not exhibit. Make it easier for you. The phone number? Six one five.

Chris Stout: 23:03 Mm. No I don't. I don't recall it personally.

Lawyer: 23:09 I told you that you called that number six times as soon as you got back into your car. That refresh your recollection as to who you spoke to?

Chris Stout: 23:16 No, I just don't recognize the number. I mean I'm not denying calling them, but I just don't know that number. I always just put people's number in my phone and not

Lawyer: 23:24 now. Not knowing the number but knowing you got back in your car and called someone repeatedly. Do you remember who that is?

Chris Stout: 23:30 No. Lawyer: 23:30 ok.

Chris Stout: 23:30 unless it was, i dont know.

Lawyer: 23:34 unless what. .

Chris Stout: 23:39 That's what I'm saying, unless it was just like a girl I was talking to or something, but I don't recall.

Lawyer: 23:44 Who were you talking to ? what girl were you talking to at the time you went to wakefest?

Chris Stout: 23:47 I just. I don't recall. I didn't have a girlfriend but I don't know who I would call.

Lawyer: 23:54 Okay.

Sheila Wysocki: 23:55 Don't you think it's a little strange that he can't remember who he called six times after such an important moment in his life. I wonder who he called. Now that we've heard Chris Stout's side of the story. Let's hear from witnesses that saw him throughout the weekend and specifically on Sunday. This is Chris Yarchuck, the off duty White County police officer who you've heard from several times throughout this podcast so far. One of Chris' Yarchucks. Fantastic skillsets is his observation skills. Even with the thousands of people there, he easily noticed lauren and her friends. You saw Lauren, you said several times that night. Why did Lauren stand out and how did you first come upon her?

Chris Yarchuck: 24:50 I was making my rounds, so I'd walk around the outside of the fish lips and she saw me and just come running up and told me her name and I'm going to school and you know, in criminal justice and I want to be a cop and I want to be a lawyer and just going on and on about all kinds of stuff. Ask me a questions about being a police officer and if it's fun, what do you do? And obviously that's part of what I do. Private duty was how I came into contact with her. But

Sheila Wysocki: 25:18 tell me what you thought of her, what your initial impression was.

Chris Yarchuck: 25:22 um just life for the party. Just outgoing. She act like she didn't know a stranger, very bubbly, very personable, bright, excitable voice, just very intuitive.

Sheila Wysocki: 25:35 um not shy.

Chris Yarchuck: 25:37 No, no, not at all.

Sheila Wysocki: 25:40 So you see her and she is outside of fish lips and she's with Hannah and Aaron, is that correct?

Chris Yarchuck: 25:49 Yeah, they, um, there were three of them sitting in the plastic adirondack chairs. Um Aaron and Hannah. Then there was a little German shepherd, six month old dog with them and then Lauren, um, and I didn't even realize Christopher was with them until later on when he kept coming back over because I'd seen him throughout the night talking to at three different women sit in the window, sill his hand on one trying to dance with another and he's just roaming around the whole place. Just being a 20 whatever year old guy, I guess.

Sheila Wysocki: 26:22 Did you have any initial impression of them? Just they're young. Their. Did they stand out like Lauren did?

Chris Yarchuck: 26:29 um only Chris, did in my mind just because the fact that he, I saw him with multiple people, multiple women and just wandering around between different girls holding hands with this one, rubbing legs with that one, trying to dance with this other one. So to me that I was just kinda like, well, it's a small place. Everybody going to see what you're doing. I mean, you're not really doing yourself any favors. But I saw Chris and Hannah and Aaron and Lauren leave.

unknown speaker: 26:59 It was Chris!

Chris Yarchuck: 26:59 That was the four of them left together. That's who I met that night. The four of them, little surfer, blond boy Bieber, Chris and the four of them left together. Hannah asked me for a cigarette. Lauren asked for a cigarette. I'm not a smoker. Um, and at that point, that's when I noticed that Lauren, her behavior had changed from the consistent in her eyes that, well, I don't know if they've taken something. I don't know. They snuck in drinks, you know what I mean? Because I mean obviously there's so many people. And then I think I had six officers there at night and I'm always just walking around checking all their posts if they needed anything. He breaks lunches. Um, there's a lot to keep an eye on. So last time I saw her it was 2:00 and it was 14 and 15 hours later when I saw her in the water. Him and Christopher, both were in the canoe behind the houseboats in line of the body. So as soon as we went around the corner, they started screaming and paddling to me. That was number one, right? Right.

Sheila Wysocki: 28:05 This is Harry and Deanna Elder. They were working wakefest the weekend Lauren's body was found. You heard from Deanna in the last episode. Harry was one of the first ones on the scene after the fishermen reported Lauren's body

Harry: 28:24 traveling over there, you know, Aaron was in a canoe paddling over there and he says, you know, that could be one of our friends over there. And I think it's odd because we haven't publicly announced anything about a person in the water. Hasn't said anything on the radio. No one knew that there was anybody missing that there was anything going on.

Deanna: 28:55 That's one of the oddities of this to the police officers, they heard it on their special police radio that was in their ear and they came to me going, what's going on? And I went, whoa. Harry went to verify. We think we have a body, but we're not sure.

Sheila Wysocki: 29:12 We've heard from Ryan Melenson throughout this episode. Ryan went with Harry from the marina shop to the site where Lauren's body was. After the fishermen found her, when Chris and Aaron pulled up in their canoe, Ryan immediately brought them on the boat, questioned them, and found their behavior. Very strange.

Ryan Melanson: 29:36 While I'm sitting out there on the boat talking to these guys and we do something wrong, why are we still here? Can we go? No that's up to Dekalb county I'm just sitting. here babysitting ya. one kept asking for water because it his mouth was dry and his heart was pounding out of his chest. He was stressed and he kept saying, you know, I hope that's not her because you know, my, my friend's been worried sick and she was bawling her eyes out wandering where she's at. i'm like if She's so worried and stressed out. Why didn't you guys tell anybody? Why didn't you report it? You know, if she's missing why didnt, you say something like, okay, and the way this kid was talking, the one with the white hat, he was just a guilty man. I've been a police officer for a long time. This kid's guilty. They go up there and get her ID and meanwhile there's this other boy Aaron. He comes down to the boat from campsite. He's already up at the campsite. I know this is the one that looks more like a skate board. So he comes and gets on the boat and he's immediately, he's waiting. He's like, what are, what are we doing here? Are we being now? It's like, well, we've been detained. I'm like, no, you're just here. I said, I didn't tell you to get on the boat and this is their investigation. I don't know what's going on. So he sits down in the boat and he's like, is that our friend in the water? And I said, well, who's your friend? well I dont know we just met her last night? But it's my, my buddy's girlfriends friends. I'm like, okay, well I dont know we're still trying to figure all this out. We didn't do anything wrong. did we? I'm like, I don't know. Did you all these questions that I met? He's extremely stressed out. You're probably trained in ways to detect a liar. I'm sure these clients. Long story short is we're sitting here on this boat, this dude, and I've got a witness to this. The guy from the marina that's driving the boat that I'm on, he's sitting there watching this whole thing for this kid with the backwards cap on. That's my main suspect because he was just really weird and he keeps asking if he's in trouble. He wants to go home. I don't even know this girl. I just need to get out of here, you know, he keeps eye balling my gun and I was looking at him im like dude do you got some kind of problem. He's like, well, you know, honestly, I'm just thinking how I could get your gun and get off. This boat just blatantly tells me this and this guy is driving the boat from the marina can vouch for this. Okay. He just wants my gun. I'm like, are you serious? He kind of brushes it off as a joke and I'm like, you know, you go for my gun, you're going to wind up at a hospital. That's how it's going to end for you. It's not going to end well. He's like, Oh man, I'm just messing with you. for like over the next hour and a half. He says this about three or four times. So I started sliding down a little bit, you know, if he's sitting over here and he keeps, just as he's talking to, he keeps looking at the gun and he's just singing it, you know, I want to dig down what happened? You've been in a wreck because I wasn't a motorcycle accident. He's like, you hurt. And I'm like, yeah, I'm an easel. Messed up. He's like, so what do you use it? What do you do? I go forward just messing around. But he's really thinking, you know, you can tell with (inaudible) But um, anyway, so long story short sheriff's department give these two guys off the boat and interview them. They didn't ask me any questions, they just took these guys. And I went back to my main focus at the marina. There is something, I did forget to tell you, this is extremely important to these guys. said this girl stayed on a boat with a bunch of guys? They didn't know what houseboat didn't know who the guys were anything and that's the story. They were sticking to it while they were on the boat with me and this guy from the marina that was driving the boat. Well, when they got him back to investigators and separate them and started questioning one at a time, the kid with the white hat. Totally changed his story. He's like, oh, no autopsy. Okay. Now she did come up to the campsite and I did have sex with her, but then I don't know what happened to her. I went to bed. She was gone. That's the story. He said. One of the twra guys said that when they asked this kid why he changed his story about her being on a houseboat and then she was at the campsite and yeah he had sex with her that night. I didn't want anything to get pinned on me. Every time I have an encounter with law enforcement, then I go to jail.

Tim Evans: 34:14 Lauren's family give their permission and Olivia didn't open up the truth. Do you know anything at all call. One, eight, eight, eight, five, nine tips next time on without warning. Sherry Smith: 34:40 When was the last time you saw Lauren? Clint: 34:43 Last time I seen Lauren was whenever I was leaving that bar or whatever. I can't remember the name of it Sherry Smith: 34:54 fish lips.

Clint: 34:56 Yeah, fish lips that's it. Yeah. Whenever I was leaving there around, they closed at three and i remember them saying 30-45 minutes they were closing my group that I was with we all went it was about 215 or 230 anywhere that window we were leaving when she was talking to Evan. And that's the last. Um, time I've seen her

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